Jim Barrett, Commercial Photographer/Film-Maker specializing in Product, Engineering, Marine, Automotive and Aviation Industries. With over 24 years of world experience, and armed with the gear, crew and an eye to capture your marketing vision, while taking pride and patience to provide an excellent product.

His hard earned knowledge and expertise gets your project completed on time and on budget. Jim brings more than just photography and HD video to the table. His production experience as a Commercial Photographer has proven that pre-production is a key element to a successful campaign, and takes pride in establishing the correct factors needed to shoot your product, commercial, boat, plane, air conditioner or postage stamp with the correct vision.

With studios located in Orlando and Miami, Florida to serve you, Jim also travels the globe shooting for some of the worlds largest companies. With a background in the Marine and Aviation industries, Jim has the knowledge for more than just shooting great photography or composing a great shot, he’s a skilled yachtsman, maverick, pilot, and diver with over 10 thousand hours on the water and nearly five thousand hours in the air. Awareness of the elements are key to success… it’s not just pushing a button, it’s getting the product, people, and a few stars aligned to do it perfectly.

If you are considering shooting a new product, campaign or HD video, let Jim Barrett’s knowledge and experience, combined with the proper tools, guarantee your commercial shoot a success.